Greetings from Kalamos! Today has been a day filled with success! Riley completed a map describing ecological variables in the ocean and on land, Tabitha completed digitizing and georeferencing the first batch of historical maps from the 1940s, Wesley figured out how far he could take his drone and got some great photos of Posidonia (seagrass) along the coast of Kalamos, and Wesley and Sophia planned out the drone flights to be taken tomorrow and Saturday and we all had souvlaki!
Tomorrow, we head to the Island of Kefalonia where we are looking forward to sandy beaches, hot showers, Loggerhead turtles, and even more ancient ruins. On the way there, we will be adventuring along the coastline to take photos of Posidonia with the drone in the Echinades. You can see the Posidonia (the dark patches) in this photo —->

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