Statement from the Director of the Geospatial Centroid, Melinda Laituri, February 2017

The Geospatial Centroid at CSU is the hub for geospatial activities across campus and extends to the larger community of geospatial experts of Colorado’s Front Range or “GIS Alley”.  The suite of geospatial technologies are expanding to include new tools and approaches for locational and spatial problem-solving.  Increasingly, these tools are accessible to more and more users – many with little or no experience with geographic information science.  The use of geospatial tools are ubiquitous where people use online, interactive maps on a daily basis.  We are truly seeing the influence of geography in everyday life!

However, with this exposure and use of geospatial products comes the need for new perspectives, new curriculums, and new responsibilities. The Centroid seeks to fill the gaps in our curriculum through workshops; inform the geospatial community of emerging technologies through brown bags; and provide support for geospatial projects through the Centroid Internship Program.  Through building partnerships on and off campus, our interns are exposed to real world, hands-on projects that lead to developing geospatial skills and often to employment.

I am very proud of the interns we have supported as well as the personnel at the Centroid.  This is an incredibly hardworking group of people who are dedicated to promoting responsible geospatial activities and products.  And they are just a lot of fun to be around!