Melinda Laituri – Director

Dr. Melinda Laituri is a Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability at CSU. Her interests include exploring how GIS is used for research, developing cultural data layers for GIS natural resource issues, and watershed management.

Sophia Linn – Assistant Director

Sophia is the Assistant Director of the Geospatial Centroid at CSU and manages its daily operations. She has been involved with geography and GIS education efforts for over 25 years at the local, regional, state and national levels. She holds a B.A. in Geography from UCLA and a M.A. in Geography from CU-Boulder. When not at the Centroid, Sophia can be found exploring Fort Collins and places farther afield, while keeping track of her increasingly global and adventurous three daughters.

Brandon Lemire – Technical Manager

Brandon is the Technical Manager at the Geospatial Centroid and started in January 2015. He is a life -long student who loves GIS, remote sensing, coding, teaching and learning.  Brandon recently completed a degree in Watershed Science to supplement his background in spatial information engineering.  When not being blown away by the amazing experiences as Technical Manager for the Geospatial Centroid, he enjoys spending time with his wife Lynne and the 3 amazing rescue dogs he shares his home with. Whether getting coffee with friends, going for a bicycle ride around town, or fishing Poudre Canyon, Brandon loves to make the most of what Fort Collins has to offer!

Elizabeth Tulanowski – Education Coordinator

Elizabeth is a GIS educator and enthusiast, serving as the Centroid’s Education Coordinator as well as teaching GIS courses at Front Range Community College. She got her start in GIS in 1997 working on the New York State GAP Analysis Project, a summer research job that led to a lifelong career. She has a B.S. in Natural Resources and an M.S. in GIS from Cornell University.  Elizabeth worked for 8 years as a GIS instructor for Esri, and specializes in Spatial Analysis/spatial problem solving, Python scripting, and the ArcGIS Desktop suite.

Current Interns (Spring 2017)

Riley Ross

Riley Ross is a Senior at Colorado State University studying Human Dimensions of Natural Resources. He has strong interest in spatial technologies. In his varied career at the Geospatial Centroid Riley has worked on projects on topics ranging from the protected areas and species of Colorado to the American Civil War’s Gunboats to mapping windmills. When he’s not sitting down at a desk busy with his latest GIS fascination, you could probably find him in the kitchen cooking something for his latest dinner party or outside somewhere enjoying the company of his lab/husky mix Luna.


Kirk Saylor

A Graduate student in the Department of Anthropology, Kirk also has an B.S. in Foreign Service, an M.A. in International Security from Georgetown, and an M.A. in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University. Kirk is particularly interested in documenting and modeling human-environment interactions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  His current research is focused on adaptation to climate change, water scarcity, and wildfire for populations living in threshold environments (e.g. coastal and montane settings). He has traveled to many places around the world including Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Germany, Lebanon, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, and Switzerland.  In his free time, Kirk enjoys Climbing, Cycling, Gardening, Geography, Kayaking, Mountaineering, and Reading.


John Commissaris

John is a Graduate student in the Colorado School of Public Health.  He is interested in using Geographic Information System (GIS) as a tool to solve complex health problems related to health equity and health disparities.  The Geospatial Centroid has allowed John to work on projects joining US Census Bureau census blocks to demographic and poverty data, associating interviewee point data with aggregated crime data, and the opportunity to discuss GIS project development with university Primary Investigators.  Currently, he is completing a qualitative GIS project looking at health care access in Northern Colorado for clients at a local non-profit called GoodHealthwill.


Julia Sullivan

Julia began interning at the Geospatial Centroid in the fall of 2016. She recently finished her degree this spring in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability with a minor in French, and has plans to be a NASA Develop intern in the summer. Julia is interested in the applications of GIS and remote sensing to urban planning and sustainable development. Currently, Julia is working on a project called Secondary Cities, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State to provide rapidly growing cities in developing countries with more spatial data to create resiliency, human security, and emergency preparedness. Julia also helps to manage the website, update the social media (Facebook and Twitter), and create poster graphics for various events.


Danielle Davis

Danielle began interning at the Centroid fall semester 2016 after moving to Fort Collins the month before. As a Michigan State University alumna–class of 2014–she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with a minor in Geographic Information Sciences and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  The last two years, Danielle used Geography and GIS as a transportation planner with the Michigan Department of Transportation. Since starting at the Geospatial Centroid, Danielle has been able to work on a variety of projects, including alternative transportation at CSU, Secondary Cities, and vegetation mapping with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands at CSU. New to the area, Danielle has enjoyed seeing, doing and tasting all the opportunities the Front Range offers!


Carson Keller

Carson Keller is a recent graduate of the Warner College of Natural Resources here at CSU. His passions include fly-fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. As a new intern, he will be working on a collaborative project with the Aspen Valley Land Trust to conserve private land more effectively.


Madison Wood

Madison Wood is an undergraduate student with a major in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and double minor in Spanish and Spatial Information Systems. Madison is originally from Memphis, TN but moved to Fort Collins in the summer of 2013 after living in San Juan, Puerto Rico for two years. Since moving here and starting college at CSU, she has stayed involved with several organizations such as the Climate Reality Project, Society for Ecological Restoration, and the Student Sustainability Center. In her spare time, Madison enjoys participating in projects with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers or hiking in the Poudre Canyon. Her projected graduation date in December 2017 after which she hopes to use her GIS and Remote Sensing skills to engage in natural resource management, water conservation, and atmospheric science.

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