Alternative Transportation Mapping

Colorado State University is one of five universities nationwide designated as a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.

The University has worked directly with the City of Fort Collins to integrate public transportation, bike paths, and independent bike lanes to ensure students, facility, and staff can commute to campus safely anytime of the year.

Colorado State’s commitment to promoting bicycling is reflected by the fact that they have over 17,000 places to park your bike on campus. This is over twice the number of parking places available to cars .

While there are numerous benefits to biking, it comes with a cost. Failure to follow traffic signals, the lack of non-verbal communication between bikers, pedestrians, and cars, and simple lack of attention can result in incidents that effect the safety of riders and pedestrians alike.

Parking and Transportation Services at CSU has partnered with the Geospatial Centroid to record and map all bicycle-related tickets and crashes on campus. This web map is used to evaluate the need for infrastructure changes, additional enforcement, and education.


What the Centroid Delivered




During the peak of this project, this map was updated monthly, containing data that goes back to the 2014-2015 academic year. The data was collected by Parking and Transportation Service and the Colorado State University Police department

Project Partner


Parking and Transportation Services

Parking and Transportation Services at Colorado State University is a self-funded entity of the university that constructs and maintains all parking and transportation infrastructure including alternative transportation options such as bikes.


Centroid Staff and Interns: Josh Reyling, Sam Gudmestad, Danielle Davis, Sophia Linn
Project partners: Aaron Fodge, Aaron Buckley