Here is the current list of courses available at CSU by department:

CIVE 303 Infrastructure and Transportation Systems Spring
CIVE 576 Engineering Applications of GIS and GPS Fall
CIVE 577 GIS in Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring
ENGR 521 Geospatial Engineering Management and Policies Fall
ENGR 522 Object-oriented GIS programming for Engineers Fall
ENGR 523 Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing Spring
ENGR 524 Geospatial Web Technologies for Engineers Spring
GR 100 Introduction to Geography F/S
GR 311 GIS for Social Scientists Online
GR 320 Cultural Geography Fall (Odd Year)
GR323/NR 323 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation Fall
GR 420 Spatial Analysis with GIS Fall
GR 480 Land Change Science and Remote Sensing Spring
GR 503/NR 503 Remote Sensing and Image Analysis Fall
ANTH 573 Paleoclimate and Human Evolution Spring (Even Year)
GEOL 372 Structural Geology Spring
GEOL 376 Field Methods Spring
GEOL 436 Geology Summer Field Course Summer
GEOL 551 Groundwater Modeling Spring
GEOL 562 Statistical Data Analysis in Earth Resources Fall (Odd Year)
GEOL 672 Advanced Structural Geology Fall
LAND 241 Environmental Analysis Spring
LAND 357 Omnibus Field Studies Summer
LAND 364 Design and Nature Fall
LAND 444 Ecology of Landscapes Spring
LAND 447 Comprehensive Landscape Design Spring
LAND 510 Virtual Design Methods Spring (Even Year)
LAND 520 Geographic Information Systems Spring (Odd Year)
NR 319 Geospatial Applications in Natural Resources F/S
NR 322 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems F/S
NR 323/GR 323 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation Fall
NR 380 Spatial Analysis of Social Data Fall
NR 420 Ecosystem Management F/S
NR 422 GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management F/S
NR 423 Applications of Global Positioning Systems F/S
NR 426 / NR 427 ** NEW! ** Programming for GIS I & II F/S
NR 493/NR 793 Seminar on GIS and Remote Sensing Applications F/S
NR 503/GR 503 Remote Sensing and Image Analysis Fall
NR 504 Image Processing and Algorithms Spring
NR 505 Concepts in GIS Fall
NR 512 Spatial Statistical Modeling of Natural Resources Fall
ECOL 505 Foundations in Ecolo
ECOL 592 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Ecology F/S
ECOL 620 Applications in Landscape Ecology Fall (Even Year)
SOCR 177 Applied Information Technology in Agriculture Spring
SOCR 377 Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture Fall
SOCR 577 Principles/Components of Precision Agriculture Fall