Did you know that the CSU community can take Esri online training for free?

Colorado State University’s site license for Esri products provides the campus community with free, unlimited access to online courses through the Esri Academy, Esri’s online training portal.

Course formats include videos, tutorials, MOOCs, and web courses and are created for audiences with a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.

Course content ranges from software basics, working with rasters, 3D, field data collection, statistical analyses, Python, ArGIS Online, ArcGIS Server, and more.

How do I access the training?

Access to the training requires an ArcGIS Online organizational account, which is different than the ArcGIS Online accounts individuals create themselves.

If you have a CSU AGOL account, visit the Esri Academy page and log in to get started searching for classes.

If you do not have a CSU AGOL account, feel free to email us at gis@colostate.edu and we can get you set up.


Visit the website, log in, and begin your search for free training!


Check out this guide to Esri online training (July 2017) organized by software: ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcMap to help you sort through the hundreds of classes available.