Special Events:

GIS Day 2017:  GeoTech & Tapas. Explore the diverse world of geospatial technologies in small bytes. Th. Nov. 16th 2017, Morgan Library Event Hall. The schedule of presenters can be found here. 

Mapathon for to support the Ger Community Mapping Center Nov. 16th, 5 – 7pm at the Ramskeller Pub in the Lory Student Center

March 30th, 2017:  GIS in Higher Education Summit

Geographer of the United States: Lee Schwartz. VIDEO of Public Lecture


Past Workshops:

Spring 2019:

Session 1, Web mapping basics and platforms 

Friday, Feb. 1st, 1:30 – 4:00pm (Morgan Library Rm 174)

There are many options when it comes to getting your spatial data on the web, including platforms outside the traditional GIS space. This hands-on workshop will be an exploration of various web mapping platforms using readily available open data sources. Come with questions and curiosity and leave with an understanding of options for putting your data on a map available to the wider world in a browser. There will also be a gentle introduction to custom web mapping applications, as an invitation to join Session 2, that will dive a little deeper into building custom, web map applications.

Fall 2018:

Learn ArcGIS Pro 1/2 Day Workshops: Friday, Nov. 16th, 2018

Get Started with ArcGIS Pro, 8:30am – 12pm  and  Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro, 1 – 4:30pm

Keeping up with GIS Technology:  A Hands-on Experience. [PDF] Oct. 25th and 26th, 2018

In this one-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll be introduced to four open source  or free geospatial technologies that many people are talking about, but few actually experience using.

Open Source GIS: in this module you’ll be introduced to QGIS, the most widely used open source desktop GIS, to see how GIS analysts can perform simple and complex analysis.

Spatial SQL: in this module you’ll be introduced to Postgres and PostGIS to see how GIS managerscan run their entire GIS enterprise and perform analysis with SQL.

Python Scripting: in this module you’ll be introduced to the Python programming language to see how GIS developers can automate many of their GIS tasks, with particular emphasis on integrating open source and Arcpy technologies.

Big Data Analytics: in this module you will be introduced to Manifold GIS and Postgres learn how spatial data scientists perform parallel processing and analytics on gigabytes of data.

Spring 2018:

ArcGIS Pro: Summer Workshop Series    |  PDF  

Learn the essentials of ArcGIS Pro in four different 1/2 day workshops. Attend one or many: your choice!

Thursdays – June 21 and 28, 2018  |  Morgan Library Classroom 174

Geared toward those who have some familiarity with GIS and ArcMap, but all are welcome.

  • Get started with ArcGIS Pro.
  • Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro.
  • Visualizing data with ArcGIS Pro: Cartography and Layouts.
  • Visualizing data with ArcGIS Pro: 3D.

ArcGIS Pro Workshop  | Thursday, April 5th  |  9am – 5pm | Morgan Library 173

Instructors: Max Cook, Cartographer for the Nature Conservancy and

Elizabeth Tulanowski, GIS Instructor, Warner College of Natural Resources

Learn the essentials of ArcGIS Pro, from the basics of the new interface to seamlessly publishing web maps to ArcGIS Online. This free hands-on workshop will be geared toward those who already have some familiarity with GIS and ArcMap, but all are welcome!




Open [Geo] Data Day  |   PDF  |  Github

Friday, March 2nd  |  2 – 5pm | Morgan Library Classroom 174

Instructor: Richard Donohue, Cartographer, web mapper & instructor

Join the Geospatial Centroid with this hands-on workshop celebrating open data and mapping through an exploration of publically accessible portals and web services. We’ll begin with an overview of open data, licensing, and use. Workshop participants will learn how to construct a basic web map using CodePen and Leaflet, the popular open-source JavaScript mapping library. We’ll then practice requesting various data layers for integration with the map. The workshop will conclude with considerations for future steps for enhanced representation and interaction for mapping with open data.

Fall 2017:

R Basics Workshop (Click here for PDF)

Thursday, November 9th  |  3 – 5pm | Morgan Library Classroom 175

Learning how to code can be intimidating, but will save you time and effort in the long run. This workshop will cover the basics of using of tabular data in R studio.

R Spatial Workshop

Thursday, November 16th  |  10am – 12pm | Morgan Library Classroom 175

Learn how to utilize the power of the R programming language to work with and visualize spatial data

Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro (click here for PDF)

Friday, November 3rd  |  9am – 5pm | Morgan Library Classroom 175

Learn the essentials of ArcGIS Pro, from the basics of the new interface to how seamlessly you can publish web maps to ArcGIS Online. Geared toward those who already have some familiarity with GIS and ArcMap, but all are welcome!

Web Mapping: End to End (click here for PDF)

In this 3-part hands-on workshop, learn about web mapping and field data collection techniques through a service learning project to map the McKee Medical Center’s “Wellness Walk” in Loveland.

Session 1: Friday, Sept. 29th  |  1 – 5pm  |  Morgan Library Classroom 174

Session 2: Saturday, Oct. 14th  |  Morning (exact time TBD)  |  Meet on campus, field trip to Loveland to collect data

Session 3: Friday,  Oct. 27th  |  1 – 5pm  |  Morgan Library Classroom 174




Spring 2017:

Spatial Thinking and GIS Workshop: Enhancing Skills and Career Opportunities for CSU Graduate Students Beyond Academia. (Click here for the PDF)

Friday, April 14th  |   12 – 5pm   |   Morgan Library Event Hall

This workshop will provide graduate students with an introduction to the soft-skills of ‘spatial analysis,’ and to the technical aspects of GIS. Students will discover how geospatial skills can have a multiplying and complementary effect on the work they are undertaking within their disciplinary home, and render them more competitive for opportunities in diverse career areas.

  • Introduce graduate students to how spatial analysis and GIS skills, techniques, and tools are currently used in a variety of workplaces (this will include a hands-on introduction to GIS)
  • Explain how to build upon these basic skills at CSU
  • Provide examples of how to highlight these skills in a CV, resume, or during a job interview

Presented by the Geospatial Centroid, with support of a grant from the CSU Graduate School.

Adventures in Geospatial Technology Workshop Series

Session 1: Explore ArcGIS Pro

Have you tried ArcGIS Pro yet? Now is your chance!  Get your hands on the latest addition to Esri’s desktop suite of GIS software, ArcGIS Pro. Workshop will include demos, step-by-step exercises, and free time to explore ArcGIS Pro. Free, but registration is required.

 Wednesday, March 22nd   |   12 – 2 pm   |   Morgan Library Classroom 173

Session 2: Getting To Know Geographic Data 

Get started with geospatial technology in this 2-hour beginner level hands-on workshop. Learn about spatial data structures and formats, geographic coordinates and projections, and choices for web and desktop GIS applications. Geared toward beginners who need to learn the fundamentals of GIS and geographic data. Free, but registration is required.

Wednesday, April 5th   |   3 – 5 pm   or   Thursday, April 6th   |   12:30 – 2:30 pm

Click here to see a detailed outline of topics

Fall 2016:

Introduction to Python for ArcGIS: Oct. 28th and Nov. 4th, 2016

Past Brown Bags

Fall 2017:

Topic Presenter Date and Time Location
LiDAR’s Transformative Power: How LiDAR is transforming the practice of archaeology and rewriting the pre-history of the Americas (PDF)

Videos of presentation

Stephen Leisz and Chris Fisher, Dept. of Anthropology and Geography Wednesday, September 13

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203
State of the Poudre: Mapping the Health of the Cache la Poudre River (PDF)  Jared Heath, City of Fort Collins Wednesday, September 27

12:15 – 1:15pm

Morgan Library Room 203
NASA DEVELOP Program (PDF) Timothy Mayer, NASA DEVELOP Center Lead, USGS at CSU Tuesday,   October 3

12:00 – 1:00pm

Morgan Library Room 203
Telecouplings and Land Use Changes in Transportation Corridors in SE Asia (PDF) Stephen Leisz Tuesday, October 17

12:00 – 1:00pm

Morgan Library Room 203
Application of LiDAR in Forestry and Ecology (PDF) Mike Falkowski, Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Tuesday, October 31

12:00 – 1:00pm

Morgan Library Room 203
Opioid Mapping:

Personal advocacy to local governments using data in new ways to confront the epidemic


Jeremiah Lindemann, Esri Tuesday, Nov. 28

12:00 – 1:00pm

Morgan Library Room 203
GIS applications in epidemiology


Usman Zaheer, Chloe Stenkamp-Strahm, David South Thursday, December 7

12:00 – 1:00pm

Animal Sciences Building, Room 33

Spring 2017:

Topic Presenter Date and Time Location
NASA DEVELOP Research Projects: (PDF)

Mapping Riparian Corridors and Vegetation Cover in the Verde River Watershed

Biofueling the Future with NASA Earth Observations

Brian Woodward and the DEVELOP research teams Tues, March 28

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203
Studying Japanese Internment Camps through StoryMaps   (PDF)  Kellie Nicholas, CSU Public Lands History Center  Thurs, Mar. 912 – 1 pm  Morgan Library Room 203
Open Source Mapping and Spatial Analysis with PostGIS   (PDF)

Brown Bag + Hands-on workshop in one! Stay after the presentation for hands-on activities with PostGIS

Todd Barr, Vantage-SE Tues, Feb. 28

12 – 2 pm

Morgan Library Computer Classroom 174
eRAMS: A Web Platform for Analyzing and Sharing Geospatial Data     (PDF) Tyler Wible, Civil and Env. Engineering Tues, Feb. 14

12 – 1 pm

Morgan Library Room 203
Volunteered Geographic Information and the Secondary Cities Initiative         How OpenStreetMap and VGI were used during the Nepal Earthquake     (PDF) Gaurav Thapa, Kathmandu Living Labs Thurs, Feb. 9

12 – 1 pm

Morgan Library Event Hall
Planet Imagery: Mission 1 – Imaging the Whole Earth Every Day      (PDF) Ian Schneider, Planet Wed, Feb. 1

12 – 1 pm

Morgan Library Room 203

Spring 2018:


Spring 2018 Brown Bags:   

Topic Presenter Date and Time Location
PostGIS Matthew Baker, Senior GIS Analyst at Denver Public Schools Wednesday, March 7th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203
The M.App of the Future Mike Lane, Applications Engineer at Hexagon Spatial Tuesday, February 13th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203
What’s New and Fun in Geospatial Web Development Andy Gup, Technical Product Manager for ArcGIS API for JavaScript at ESRI Tuesday, January 30th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203
Mapping the Catholic Church Molly Burhans, Founder and Executive Director, Goodlands Wednesday, January 17th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203


 Fall 2018 Brown Bags:

Title & Presenter Date & Location
Car Racing With Collector!

Elizabeth Tulanowski

Tuesday, Sept. 11th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203

Augmented Reality: Using GIS Data Out In The Real World

Brian Collison, Argis

Monday, Oct. 1st

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Rm. 203

Understanding Spatial Justice @ The CSU Diversity Symposium

Dr. Melinda Laituri

Professor, ESS Dept. and Geospatial Centroid Director

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd

2:30 – 3:30pm

Lory Student Center 322


Presentation details here
Meaningful Mapping on the Island of Kalamos (Greece): Sea Grass, Fish Farms, and Historic Rights (PDF)

Sophia Linn

Thursday, Oct. 11th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203

Map Mavin: An innovative, online-mapping platform facilitating seamless data sharing between administrators and users (PDF)

Jake Zatz and Katie Nelson

 Wednesday, Oct. 17th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203

From ArcGIS to Adobe Illustrator – Tips for making your maps even better

Sky Skach, National Park Service GIS Specialist

Monday, Oct. 22nd

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203

Using GIS to Visualize and Analyze Environmental Time-Series Data as Geo-temporal Raster Maps

Dr. Rick Koehler, NOAA/NWS

Monday, Nov. 12th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Room 203

Introduction to GeoPandas in Python: Part presentation, part workshop.

Bring a laptop to follow along! No software needed, hands-on activity will be browser-based, in a Jupyter Notebook.

Matt Perry, Mapbox

Tuesday, Nov. 27th

12 – 1pm

Morgan Library Rm. 203