The Geospatial Centroid offers workshops geared toward introducing and teaching practical GIS skills that can be used at school and in the workplace.

Nature Conservancy cartographer and former Centroid intern, Max Cook, demos the software during an ArcGIS Pro workshop in Nov. 2017.


Upcoming Workshops


Learn ArcGIS Pro: Half-day workshops on Friday, November 16th

Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro

  • 8:30am – 12:00pm  |  Morgan Library Classroom 174
  • Learn about the structure, licensing and interface for ArcGIS Pro. This session is geared toward those who have never used ArcGIS Pro before, but do have some general GIS experience.
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    • Non-CSU attendees will need to create an account to register, but your information won’t be used for anything except this workshop.


  • Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro
    • 1:00pm – 4:30pm  |   Morgan Library Classroom 174
    • Learn how to prepare data and solve spatial problems in ArcGIS Pro, including selections, geoprocessing, raster analysis tools, ModelBuilder, and cloud-based geoprocessing tools. Geared toward those who have some experience with ArcGIS Pro (including our Get Started with Pro workshop)
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      • Non-CSU attendees will need to create an account to register, but your information won’t be used for anything except this workshop.

Cost per 1/2 day session:

  • $25 – Students, recent graduates, and new/developing professionals (Use discount code PRO25)
  • $100 – Non-students


Elizabeth Tulanowski, instructor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and Geospatial Centroid Education Coordinator. Elizabeth has over 20 years of GIS experience to share, including a natural resources background, and 8 years teaching for Esri.


You Need Python!

Do you use spatial data in your research? Do you have dozens (hundreds?) of layers to process, or repetitive tasks? You need Python!

Python is a scripting language used heavily in the geospatial realm, and it can improve your productivity, as well as extend the functionality of GIS software. Python can interface with ArcGIS products or make use of several open source libraries.  However you want code, Python is a language you should know.

Learn the the basics of Python in these two FREE workshops.

Part 1: Tuesday, Nov. 13th, 3:30 – 5:3opm  |  Morgan Library Classroom 174  | FULL!!

Topics covered: Just the basics.  What does Python look like? What types of GIS operations can you do with Python? Get the feel for Python syntax.

Part 2: Friday Dec. 7th, 10:00am – 12:00pm  |  Morgan Library Classroom 174  |  FULL!!

Topics covered:  Reinforcing skills in Python syntax, importing modules, working with lists and loops. Introduction to arcpy and how to access ArcGIS tools from Python.

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Need to learn more Python? Follow up with these additional learning opportunities:

-Nov. 27th, 12-1pm: Geospatial Brown Bag on GeoPandas. Part brown-bag, part workshop. Bring your laptop to follow along and learn GeoPandas, an open source library for working with spatial data. Taught by Matt Perry. Activities will be browser-based in a Jupyter Notebook, so no software needed.

-More Python workshops will be offered next semester.

-Or consider taking the new GIS courses, Programming for GIS (NR426/ NR427) in the spring.




What Can Geospatial Do For You? A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Mappy

Thursday, Nov. 29th, 1:00 – 4:00pm       **FREE**

Morgan Library Classroom 174.

  • Learn about geospatial principles and technology, including “traditional” GIS, mobile data collection, remote sensing, and web mapping.
  • Explore applications of geospatial tech and how you can use it in your coursework and research.
  • Work directly with spatial data and their attributes in desktop and web GIS programs such as ArcGIS, Google, and QGIS.
  • Discover online sources of geospatial data

This workshop is intended for the beginner who wants to learn how to leverage spatial analysis and visualization to help solve problems.

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Mark your calendar for next semester: Web Mapping Workshops! 

Part 1, Web mapping basics and platforms  –  Friday, Feb. 1st, 1 -5pm

Part 2, Customizing web maps with Javascript  –  Friday, Feb. 8th, 1-5pm

 Instructor: David Puckett, BrightRain Solutions

Details and registration will be available in January.


Have an idea for a workshop you’d like to see offered? Send us an email with your suggestions.

Our previous workshops can be found on the Past Events page.


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