The Geospatial Centroid offers workshops geared toward introducing and teaching practical GIS skills that can be used at school and in the workplace.

Nature Conservancy cartographer and former Centroid intern, Max Cook, demos the software during an ArcGIS Pro workshop in Nov. 2017.


Upcoming Workshops


Keeping up with GIS Technology:  A Hands-on Experience.

Taught by Dr. Art Lembo, professor of Geography and Geosciences at Salisbury University, Maryland, and author of How Do I Do That In PostGIS.

Workshop Details:

  • Thursday Oct. 25th  |   9am – 4:30pm   |  CSU Morgan Library Room 174, Fort Collins
  • Friday Oct. 26th  |  9am – 4:30pm  |  Metropolitan State University, Denver
  • Cost:  Students:  $50  |  Non-students:  $200
  • Registration coming soon!

Workshop Description:

It seems like every time you turn around, there is some new technology or technique you have to learn.  Some of these could be important for running your organization, and some are important for your own professional development.  Either way, most of us lack the practical experience of using many of these technologies and therefore feel ill-equipped to engage with others regarding their usefulness. 

In this one-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll be introduced to four open source geospatial technologies that many people are talking about, but few actually experience using.

Open Source GIS: in this module you’ll be introduced to QGIS, the most widely used open source desktop GIS, to see how GIS analysts can perform simple and complex analysis.

Spatial SQL: in this module you’ll be introduced to Postgres and PostGIS to see how GIS managerscan run their entire GIS enterprise and perform analysis with SQL.

Python Scripting: in this module you’ll be introduced to the Python programming language to see how GIS developers can automate many of their GIS tasks, with particular emphasis on integrating open source and Arcpy technologies.

 Big Data Analytics: in this module you will be introduced to Manifold GIS and Postgres learn how spatial data scientists perform parallel processing and analytics on gigabytes of data.

Your instructor will guide you in working with the software using Colorado data, so you’ll see how each of these technologies relate to doing GIS in our state. 

At the end of this workshop you’ll have an understanding of what these technologies are, how they can be used, and most importantly, you’ll be able to say that you actually worked with the technologies yourself.



** The fall workshop schedule is still being planned. Check back for updates on workshops in ArcGIS Pro and Python.

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