The Geospatial Centroid offers workshops geared toward introducing and teaching practical GIS skills that can be used at school and in the workplace.

Nature Conservancy cartographer and former Centroid intern, Max Cook, demos the software during an ArcGIS Pro workshop in Nov. 2017.



Creating and managing map layouts in ArcGIS Pro



  • Wednesday, May 1st, 1:00 – 4:00pm. Morgan Library Room 174. Optional Q&A time 4:00 – 5:00pm.

Students: Free ; Non-students (CSU or otherwise): $25


Bring your own MXDs* and data for both guided and self-directed exercises working with layouts, configuring map elements and using templates. Learn to make the most of ArcGIS Pro’s new layout functionality and symbology options, such as multiple layouts, WYSIWYG formatting, and improved behavior of map elements. Geared toward those with some experience in ArcGIS Pro.   (*Sample MXDs and data will be provided for those who need them)


  • Improve skills with layer symbology and labeling
  • Import ArcMap MXDs into ArcGIS Pro
  • Insert and configure simple and advanced layout elements
  • Create a well-formatted legend
  • Create a map series
  • Learn how map creation can be automated with Python
  • Export layouts to various formats and ArcGIS Online


Introduction to Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing: The Basics

This free workshop is for those who have an understanding of GIS and want to learn something about Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing.  The workshop will overview aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum that multi-spectral remote sensing works with and introduce concepts such as band ratioing (and what NDVI, NDMI, NBR are) and land cover classification.

A hands-on lab will be introduced during the workshop.

  • Friday, May 3rd  |  1:00 – 4:00pm
  • Morgan Library Classroom 174
  • Instructor: Dr. Steven Leisz, Dept. of Anthropology and Geography
  • Register here



Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Pro. Date TBD.


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Our previous workshops can be found on the Past Events page.


Finding Data and Solving Problems in ArcGIS Online

Learn how to find data and solve spatial problems in ArcGIS Online with Esri’s Joseph Kerski. Join us a for a 1-hour demo and brown bag and/or a 2-hour hands-on workshop in ArcGIS Online.  Great for the GIS beginner!!

Date: Wednesday, March 6th

Presenter:  Dr. Joseph Kerski, Education Manager at Esri, GIS educator, and geography aficionado

Click here for the materials/links that we walked through in this workshop.