The team is back in Kalamos after our adventure to the larger, neighboring island of Kefalonia. When we arrived at the port in Sami, we noticed a Google Street View car. We saw the driver get out and come to the same restaurant we were, so to indulge our curious nature, we ended up talking with Alexandros, a friendly young man who told us all about himself, the job with Google, and how the car worked. (He is one of three Google Street View drivers who are tasked with driving all of the roads in Greece.) We all found this very interesting and learned quite a bit. He even took a picture of us with the car’s camera system, so we hope to find ourselves in Google Street View in the coming months!

From there, we traveled to the scenic Roman beach-town of Skala where we stayed at Villa Alonia, a beautiful Airbnb that suited us perfectly. We got plenty of sun (probably too much) and enjoyed some relaxation, good food, and home-made Italian gelato. A highlight for all of us was eating at Kelari, a traditional mountain-top tavern with expansive views that made us feel like we were in a movie.

Now we are back at Terra Sylvestris, continuing our work and respective tasks. Riley is setting up the database schema and attributes to be collected during the participatory mapping sessions this week. Tabitha is georeferencing and mosaicking the second batch of historical imagery which will also be used in the participatory mapping sessions. Wesley took a bike to reach some less accessible areas of the island and captured additional drone imagery. He has covered nearly the entire eastern side of Kalamos! Sophia continues to manage and guide us, while also trying to figure out how best to process the drone imagery from afar.

 We are about halfway through our adventure and excited about the week to come.

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