Current Projects

Global Mapping and Strategic Outreach

Global Mapping and Strategic Outreach (GMSO): As part of a greater initiative of the CSU System, the Centroid is supporting the GMSO project by finding, developing, and/or creating maps that help visualize the stories of CSU research work around the world.

Interns: Amanda Hastings, Mary Williams, Kristin Karashinski


Prisons and Agriculture: Working with researchers in the CSU Sociology Department, the Centroid is developing a web mapping application and story map that explains the context of prisons and agriculture in the U.S.

Interns: Joshua Reyling, Kristin Karashinski



USFWS Wildlife RefugesUS Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuges: Visitor Amenities (database updates): A dedicated team of Centroid Interns is updating the visitor amenities database for over 450 National Wildlife Refuges across the country.  Lots of work, but it will have an impact on the management of these refuges for years to come.

Interns: Olivia Doehr, Justin Hollis, Ben Hurt, Wes Poole