Completed Projects

Secondary CitiesSecondary Cities:  Secondary Cities (2C) is a project of the US Department of State. Over four years, students at CSU and interns at the Centroid supported 2C with data management, technical support, spatial analysis, and training.

Secondary Cities 




Mapillary Logo and GridMapillary:  Mapillary provides street-level imagery and map data from all over the world. Centroid interns worked with Muthu Sampath on a pilot research project to evaluate the accuracy of images.






Weld County AgrivoltaicsAgrivoltaics: Sandbox Solar, a Fort Collins solar energy company, is developing and testing solar panels that can be incorporated into existing agricultural lands for energy production. Centroid interns developed a GIS project to determine the market within five Colorado counties.

Sandbox Solar 





Civil War GunboatsPublishable Maps for History Professors:  Centroid interns developed publication-quality map products for three history professors during Fall 2019.

CSU History Department 

Other past projects

  • Semester at Sea: Faculty support for map development and spatial thinking
  • National Park Service: Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Digitizing legacy vegetation maps
  • National Park Service – Land Resources Division: depicting land ownership, uses and legal boundaries
  • Rio Grande River Basin: Compiling spatial database for watershed
  • National Western Center: Assessing availability of spatial data and compiling assets
  • Bohemian Foundation: Community Indicators Catalog and data review
  • HICAHS: Mapping results of agricultural safety trainings in three western states
  • GIS in Health: Aligning census data with field observation data; distance to trauma centers in CO
  • Shambhala Mountain Center: Creating geodatabase of existing data
  • McKee Medical Center Foundation: Interactive web map of memorials
  • The Nature Conservancy – Global Lands Team; oil/gas distribution; Rwanda gorillas/poaching
  • 3D printing/GIS layers: 3D landscapes and projected GIS layers for CSU Mountain Campus
  • Everitt Real Estate Center: forecast maps; sales in 3-county region; development forecasts
  • CSU Affordable Housing Task Force: spatial analysis on housing cost vs salaries for CSU employees
  • Civil War gunboats: spatial analysis of gunboat activity based on official record
  • Crime mapping; data processing and mapping of crime statistics on reservation
  • College of Agriculture: mapping student retention
  • CEMML: assistance with online mapping of vegetation plots