ArcGIS is an industry-standard GIS software package developed by Esri. Because CSU has a site license for the software, CSU faculty, researchers, and graduate students can purchase a license for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) or ArcGIS Pro from RamTech for $36.75 per license. Visit RamTech in the Lory Student Center for additional details about purchasing the software.

For installation help, feel free to send an email to

Undergraduate students may request a one-year trial subscription of the software from their GIS instructor. If that is not an option, please contact the Centroid directly.

ArcGIS Online is an online mapping interface that enables users to create and share maps and spatial data with one another. While individuals can use some of the features on their own, it is beneficial to be affiliated with an “ArcGIS Online for Organizations” subscription. CSU has such a subscription and all CSU affiliates are welcome to have an account on our system.

To request an account, please send a message to

Subscribers will have either USER or PUBLISHER privileges. All accounts will initially be USERS. If additional privileges are required, contact the Centroid.

CSU’s subscription to ArcGIS Online is regulated by “credits.” Credits are consumed whenever subscribers utilize certain functions of the ArcGIS Online service (such as publishing and hosting new datasets, running analyses, or geocoding addresses.) CSU receives an initial number of credits each year, and we are still determining how best to manage those credits across campus.

Subscribers can purchase additional credits as needed; if you need more, contact the Centroid. For your reference, 1,000 credits cost $100. To determine how many credits you are likely to consume, Esri provides a credit estimator for reference.

Keep in mind that most basic mapping applications will consume very few credits, so don’t hesitate to play around. (We’ll be able to find you if you start using up too many!)