The Geospatial Centroid (the “Centroid”) is a resource and service center at Colorado State University that supports students, faculty, researchers and the greater community in using geospatial technologies to enhance their work across myriad disciplines. Housed in CSU’s Morgan Library, the Centroid provides Geospatial Help Desk services as well as project-based support. In addition, the Centroid facilitates campus-wide communication–via the GEOSPATIAL listserv and this website–regarding events, training, and other activities related to GIS, web mapping, remote sensing, GPS, and other location-based technologies.

Founded in 2009, the Geospatial Centroid has evolved over the years to become an invaluable resource on campus to promote, encourage, and support these ever-evolving technologies. Our internship program provides a unique experience to students wishing to further develop their GIS skills working on projects either on- or off-campus, while contributing to the overall functioning of the Centroid.

EDUCATION: Provides information about geospatial courses at CSU and other training opportunities for on- and off-campus users

SERVICE: Offers geospatial and cartographic support for research and other projects

OUTREACH: Organizes activities and events for the geospatial and university community

DATA: Provides access to geospatial data in coordination with other data governance efforts

Meet Our Great Team

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Elizabeth Tulanowski

Education Coordinator

Dr. Melinda Laituri

Director of the Geospatial Centroid

Sophia Linn

Assistant Director