The Geospatial Centroid was established in 2009 to promote and support spatial thinking and geospatial technologies in research, teaching, and projects for the Colorado State University (CSU) campus and the greater local community.

Working with units across CSU, the Centroid provides geospatial services, delivers hands-on workshops, and provides real-world technical experience for students through our internship program. We facilitate connections among geospatial professionals, researchers, and educators, identify resources for using geospatial technologies, and share spatial stories.

We partner with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and campus units to support a diverse range of projects and activities involving geospatial analysis.  Geospatial applications include cartography and mapping, spatial data collection, remote sensing (including drone imagery), and interactive web maps.


The Centroid’s mission is to promote geospatial technologies, advance innovative and creative problem solving, and support data-driven decision making. We use the spatial perspective and geospatial technologies to understand the world more holistically and support its resiliency.

We aim to enhance education, promote geographic reasoning, and provide hands-on experiences for students, researchers, and the community to encourage the use of a spatial perspective and geospatial technologies to address the many questions and challenges of our time.




  • Encourage sharing of outcomes, lessons learned, and best practices in geospatial applications.
  • Foster spatial thinking as a core educational aim of our programs.
  • Support education to understand the value and limitation of geospatial tools and applications.
  • Promote civic geospatial technology for informed local decision making.
  • Advance data ethics in all geospatial activities.
  • Educate and train the next generation of the digital, spatial citizen.
  • Build geospatial practice based on sound geospatial science.



CSU Libraries serves as the Centroid’s home and provides generous financial, administrative, communications, and IT support. The Centroid also receives funding as an Emerging Core Facility through the Vice President for Research (VPR) office, and through project-specific activities from on and off campus clients.

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Contact us for project support, Geospatial Help Desk assistance, training opportunities, internships or other ways to get more involved with the Centroid.

Email: gis@colostate.edu

Phone: 970.491.2774

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