GIS Day Videos (November 2021)

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Instructional Video Series (Spring 2021)

All of the training videos are hosted on the Geospatial Centroid’s YouTube channel.  List and direct links below:


Week 1:  Great Symbology in a Few Easy Steps

Week 2: Getting Images on the Map: Georeferencing in ArcGIS Pro

Week 3: Applications of ArcGIS Pro Proximity Analysis and Enrichment Tools

Week 4: ArcPro Landscape Summarization Methods

Week 5: Using R to Process Raster Imagery

Week 6: CSV to SHP using R 

Week 7: Using Leaflet to Create Interactive Maps


GIS Day at CSU – November 19, 2020, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

(Recording began at 2:15 pm)

Panel: Adapting GIS Instruction in the Age of COVID-19

Speedy Spatial Stories (begins at 44:45)

  • Dan Carver: The Apple of Attu Island
  • Caryn Nezat: Ag. Research in ArcGIS Hub; Contact Tracing using Survey 123
  • Dave TheobaldEstimating global land use trends 1990-2015 using Google Earth Engine

Geo for Good: Highlights from the 2020 Google Mapping Summit. Sophia Linn, Assistant Director, Geospatial Centroid, CSU

Creating and Managing Story Maps. Elizabeth Tulanowski, GIS Instructor, Centroid Education Coordinator, CSU