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What is the "Centroid"?

Who We Are

The Centroid is a geospatial resource and education center that serves students, faculty, and the greater community on all aspects of geographic information systems (GIS) and other spatial technologies.

What We Do

We offer geospatial and cartographic services for research and other projects in the community.


We provide information about geospatial courses at CSU and other training opportunities such as workshops, presentations, and other geospatial events for both on- and off-campus users.

Get Help

For geospatial assistance, contact the Centroid office directly. Email: gis@colostate.edu or call: 970-491-2774. You can also drop by the office (210 Morgan Library) though appointments are strongly recommended.

Recent Posts

Reflecting on Greece

We’ve been meaning to update you on our trip…. so here we are!
We all miss Greece, but are so glad to be back among our friends and family!
The above photo was taken right before we got on the ferry in Kalamos. It took us about 4 days to

Our weekend adventure

The team is back in Kalamos after our adventure to the larger, neighboring island of Kefalonia. When we arrived at the port in Sami, we noticed a Google Street View car. We saw the driver get out and come to the same restaurant we were, so to indulge our

A day of successes

Greetings from Kalamos! Today has been a day filled with success! Riley completed a map describing ecological variables in the ocean and on land, Tabitha completed digitizing and georeferencing the first batch of historical maps from the 1940s, Wesley figured out how far he could take his drone and got

Featured Centroid Projects

We support a wide range of researchers in developing GIS projects, cartographic products, and interactive maps.

Cache La Poudre Watershed

The Centroid has developed an initial web mapping site that includes multiple data layers for the Cache La Poudre River Watershed.