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P.O.S.T. (Proprietary and Open Source Tasks)

Join us for a Thursday “P.O.S.T.”  – a casual and collaborative learning event where we compare Propietary and Open Source Tasks. Each session, we’ll work with a different theme or dataset, and explore how to work with it in two different GIS platforms. ArcGIS?  QGIS?  R?  Python?  Google Earth Engine? Project/Dataset topic will be announced … Continued

Spatial Stories Seminar: Planet Imagery

Spatial Stories Seminar In this seminar, learn about Planet Imagery, and how it is being utilized in the global science community. Tuesday, Oct. 18th  |  12:00pm – 12:50pm (MT) CSU Morgan Library Rm. 203 Presented by Austin Stone, Planet Education and Research Team Planet Links and Resources from the seminar: Basic Education and Research Application … Continued

Seminar: GIS for City Planning and Utilities

Spatial Stories Seminar Tuesday Oct. 4th   |   12 – 1pm CSU Morgan Library Rm. 203 GIS for City Planning, County Organization, and Utility Line Planning Presented by CSU student and Centroid intern, Wes Poole In this seminar, Wes will discuss the GIS work he did this summer in the local government and utilities sector for … Continued

Workshop: ArcGIS ModelBuilder

Geospatial Centroid Workshop Streamline your GIS processing with ArcGIS ModelBuilder Thursday, Sept 22   |   2 – 5pm In person in CSU Morgan Library Rm. 174 What is ModelBuilder? ArcGIS ModelBuilder is a user-friendly, visual interface to create and automate complex workflows within ArcGIS. Create flowcharts that point to tools and data, run, and document the … Continued

P.O.S.T. (Propietary-Open Source Techniques): Firefly Symbology in ArcGIS and QGIS

Join us for a Thursday “P.O.S.T.”  – The Centroid’s new casual and collaborative learning event where we compare Proprietary and Open Source Techniques.   Thursday Sept. 8th  POSTponed this week due to Centroid staff health! New date Thursday Sept 15th, 3:30pm. Our first POST session will feature a small cartography project, exploring Firefly symbology in … Continued

Spatial Stories Seminar: Enviroscreen

Join us for our first Spatial Stories Seminar of the fall semester to learn about Enviroscreen Monday, Sept. 12th  |  12:00pm – 12:50pm Morgan Library Rm. 203 and livestreamed over Zoom. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/94386542711?pwd=b2xhSEFmQmNiY1V4SHJqNFhzWVg5dz09 Presented by Dan Carver, Geospatial Centroid Technical Manager   What is Enviroscreen? In short, Enviroscreen is an interactive environmental justice mapping … Continued

Geospatial Grad Student Showcase

What’s it like to be a graduate student with a geospatial focus?   Join us on MONDAY, MAY 2, 4pm for a discussion about graduate school and GIS and Remote Sensing. In person in WCNR Rm. 231 or on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/98496673901?pwd=aVh5ZlhnZ0MvMnF5NTlDRWdMUVhMdz09  We’ll discuss topics such as How the panelists use/used geospatial in their research What … Continued

What is the Colorado Data Explorer (CODEX)?

Did you know that Colorado has a Conservation Data Explorer? CODEX is a web-based interactive map viewer that includes a set of tools to support conservation planning, environmental review, evaluation of conservation portfolios, education, and more. It allows users to develop project maps and run queries, save them securely in a personal portfolio, and submit … Continued