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3D Geology/Owl Canyon
3D printing/GIS layers: 3D landscapes and projected GIS layers for CSU Mountain Campus
Affordable Housing
Sandbox Solar: Potential for Agrivoltaics in 5 CO Counties/Ag Land within 5 miles of substation
Algae Production Maps
Alt Trans: Facilities “zones”
Alt Trans: Interactive form for Injury mapping
Alternative Transportation Protocols
Antarctica Maps
Antarctica Photos
ArcGIS Hub
Aspen Valley Land Trust
Biofuels Potential
Bird Survey Data: US and Europe
Bohemian: Community Indicator Catalog
Brightfields: Contributions towards data gathering, processing, analysis
Bundy Map: Chuck Herrick
Cache La Poudre (ongoing) / Poudre Portal
Calculating distances between house sale locations and NPS boundaries and other features
Cameron Peak Story Map (CPRW)
Campus Food Map
Cannabis Carbon Emission
CARTOGRAPHY: Civil War Gunboats – Gudmestad
CARTOGRAPHY: Italians in Southeast US
Cartography: Longs Peak/RMNP for Ruth Alexander
CARTOGRAPHY: Maps for EJ in the Anthropocene Book
CARTOGRAPHY: Medieval France
CARTOGRAPHY: TWP, Equity issues
CCC Atlas
CCC Watershed Banks, Western States
CEMML: Vegetation Mapping
Chattanooga Project
Cherokee Ranch project
Clery Act: Reporting Maps
College of Agriculture: mapping student retention
Colorado Headwaters
Colorado River Basin
ColoradoView: Grasslands
ColoradoView: Grazing Lands
ColoradoView: Invasive Species
ColoradoView: UV-B
COMaP: Data Updates, Distribution (past versions)
Compile Mountain Campus Dataset
Covid Oral Histories: Story Map support
CPF Water Quality
Crime mapping; data processing and mapping of crime statistics on reservation
CSU Addresses
CSU Affordable Housing Task Force: spatial analysis on housing cost vs salaries for CSU employees
CSU Development Office
CSU Extension: Cary Weiner
CSU Online Education
CSU Parking and Transportation Services/Alternative Transportation
Dugan Lake Superior (UW-Madison)
Elk Mapping in Rocky Mountain National Park
Estimating seagrass coverage using drone imagery, Kalamos, Greece
Ethiopia Lesson Rewrite
Everitt Real Estate Center: forecast maps; sales in 3-county region; development forecasts
CSU Extension: Outreach to Indigenous Populations
Food Access in Fort Collins (Bohemian Foundation)
Fraser Experimental Forest
FWCB (Gail Dethloff): Interactive Maps
FWS Shoreline Mapping
Georeferencing Historic Maps
GIS in Health: Aligning census data with field observation data; distance to trauma centers in CO
GMSO Story Maps / National Western Center
Google Liquid Galaxy presentation
Headwaters datasets, CLP as template
Heatmap of Student Addresses
HICAHS: Mapping results of agricultural safety trainings in three western states
High-Tech Trees
IBE-Regional Sustainability Lit Review and Data Dictionary (SRS-RN)
Institutional Research: First Generation Students
Institutional Research: Graduation Rates
Institutional Research: SocioEcon Data for CSU Students
International Workshops – Todos Santos
Just Transitions: Story Map Support
Kalamos: Database/File Organization
Kenya (Pat Keys): Forest Change over Time – R Shiny app
Kenya Wildlife Conservancies
Lake Tahoe Art Project
Larimer County DNR: Small Grant Story Map
Larimer/Weld Real Estate Forecast
Map of Cebu, Philippines
Materials Mapping/Radical Atlas of Ceramics
McKee Wellness Walk
Medical Tourism in Colorado
Mexico Protected Areas
Minneapolis/Racine children LEAD exposure
Mountain Sentinels
NASA: Prison Agriculture
National Park Service – Land Resources Division: depicting land ownership, uses and legal boundaries
National Park Service: Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Digitizing legacy vegetation maps
Nightlights during COVID
NoCo Commuter Rail
NPS: Chamizal
NPS: Cultural Resources –  Guadalupe Mtns Vegetation Maps
NPS: Cultural Resources – Cultural Database (Heidi O)
NPS: Land Resources Division
NPS: Park Vulnerability to Climate Change (Water)
NPS: ROMO – Campgrounds
NPS-CIOSU: Capitol Reef (CARE) Social Trails
NPS-CIOSU: Wildlife in Intermountain Region Parks
Oil and Gas: Estimating carbon sequestration around old wells
Pingree Map App
Poudre River Flythrough (GLG)
Poudre River WQ project
Poudre Valley Farm Cooperative
Prisons and Agriculture
PTS: Crowdsource Reporter Tool – Vision Zero
PTS: Road Priorities
Pulse Crop Mapping
Pulse Crop Survey and GIS layers: Jessica Davis
Quitobaquito Maps
Rachel Carson Center alumni map
Regional Bike Maps
Rio Grande River Basin: Compiling spatial database for watershed
Rochester: Census Block Spatial Join
Rwanda Microgrid
SDG land cover classification for Danielle Davis
Secondary Cities
Secondary Cities: Water Fellowship
Semester at Sea/Database of Resources
Semester at Sea/On-Campus Course Support
Shambhala Mountain Center: Creating geodatabase of existing data
Shambhala: Master Plan Amendment Maps
Socioeco Data for Grant App
The Group: Real Estate/GLG
The Nature Conservancy – Global Lands Team; oil/gas distribution; Rwanda gorillas/poaching
TILT: Horticulture
TILT: Mosquitos
TILT: Pingree Park
TNC: Riparian/NAIP classification
TNC: TNC Global (Jim Oakleaf)
TNC: TNC Global Lands: Rwanda Gorillas
Todos Santos Data and Story Map
Update Food Justice Web Map
Update map for Nicole Archambeau
USFWS – Amenities at National Wildlife Refuges
USFWS: John Guinotte
Water Affordability (Duke)
Watershed Data Hub: organize and publish multiple spatial data layers for four watersheds in the West
Woodward Employees
CARTOGRAPHY: Zebulon Pike Maps