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Richard Feynman was one of the most well-known scientists in the world during his lifetime. He was a Noble Laureate and an accomplished theorist in quantum dynamics, but his popularity was due mostly from his efforts to popularize physics through education and writing. His Feynman Lectures series, written in 1961-63, is still a valued resource for many working their way through Introductory College Physics courses. He believed that education was an essential part of developing a comprehensive understanding of a topic and would employ the following framework to ensure he grasped the material effectively.

1.  Spend time developing a personal understanding of the topic
2.  Explain the process as if you were teaching it
3.  Demonstrate processes through examples
4.  Reassess personal understanding

In effect, if you cannot explain a process to someone else, you probably do not understand the process well enough.

The Technical Corner is a place to promote the understanding of processes and concepts within the field of geospatial science through education and writing. We hope to provide resources that allow others to learn concepts that we have found useful. Topics and authors will vary along with the length and depth of each post. The consistent element will be the goal of promoting learning through sharing.

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