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Get Started with Geospatial

Online resources and learning options for geospatial technology are endless. Here are some resources to help you get started:

What is Geospatial?

Start Learning GIS!


ArcGIS: ArcGIS Pro, Online, and Desktop

Esri Training online catalog

Free GIS and ArcGIS lessons on learn.arcgis.com

Getting started with ArcGIS Pro   |   Get started with ArcGIS Pro PDF

Esri Learning Plan for ArcGIS Pro

This Univ. of Minnesota GIS course webpage links to YouTube videos demonstrating ArcGIS Pro

Working with ModelBuilder – Centroid workshop materials

Migrating to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap?

ArcGIS Pro Resources handout from the Centroid’s ArcGIS Pro workshops

ArcGIS Pro terminology compared to ArcMap

Tutorials from the ArcGIS Pro help

Esri Learning Plan for migrating to ArcGIS Pro

Projections and Coordinate Systems

Map projections and coordinate systems are used to display the three-dimensional Earth on a flat surface and allow data layers to properly align. Understanding these concepts is critical for anyone in the geospatial sciences.

The True Size – Explore the true sizes and shapes of features on the globe in this interactive map

What are Map Projections? From gisgeography

Coordinate Reference Systems from the QGIS documentation

Map projections viewer

Map Projections in ArcGIS – A gallery and description of the 71 projections supported in ArcGIS.

Projections Workshop material from Centroid workshop, March 2020

Esri web course, Basics of Map Projections

Esri web course, Introduction to Coordinate Systems



The art of making maps is centuries old, and has come a long way since that time. Use these resources below to learn about what goes into a great map, and how to get started making your own.

AxisMaps Cartography Guide

A how-to guide to map making from GISGeography

Cartography articles from the Esri blog

Take your maps to the next level with these great Esri styles, Basemaps, and tips from cartographer John Nelson

Colorbrewer: Color Advice for Maps

Hundreds of new fonts from dafont.com



Mobile Data Collection

Data collection in the field on a mobile device is integral to geospatial science. Several options exist, making use of tablets and smart devices, integrated and external GPS receivers, and a variety of platforms. Data collection can happen off the grid or while connected to wireless service, where data can be uploaded to a server instantaneously.

Some common mobile data collection apps include

Collector for ArcGIS  |  Get started

Avenza Maps    |   Get started

Survey123   |   Get started

QField Mobile solution for QGIS     |   Get started

Fulcrum Form builder and data collection app   |    Get started

  Working with Rasters

Raster data reference from the QGIS documentation

Esri web courses, free with your CSU login:

Lecture recordings on Raster Analysis, from NR322, Spring 2020

Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

Video demos for NR322 lab, Learning about rasters


Useful Spatial Tools

This list of Geospatial Tools from the Secondary Cities website provides a good overview and comparison of both open source and proprietary applications.

XTools: More than 90 tools and functions for spatial analysis, shape conversions and table management in ArcGIS


 Learn more about…

Programming for geospatial

Remote Sensing

UAVs / Drones: CSU Drone Center

Creating a GIS Portfolio